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  Stand: II M 160
"AGRO-EXIM", Dutch and Russian company, works on the market of introduction of advanced greenhouse technologies. We realize "turn-key" greenhouse construction projects of different sizes and configurations for a year round growing of organic vegetable and floricultural produce. The program envisages training of personal in Holland, supervision of a Dutch agronomist, delivery of

  AGRO-SUR Ukraine
  Stand: I D 525
Glass and film Greenhouses (mounting and maintenance) for intensive cultivation of vegetables and flowers by Dutch technologies, as well as for garden centers. We offer and install:Shading and curtaining off systemsComputerized climate control systemsShelvingHeating and supplementary lightingWatering systemsOur greenhouses enable to smooth out income seasonality of agricultural

  AGROTIP Company Ltd.
  Stand: Заочное участие / Indirect participation
"AGROTIP" is one of the leading Russian companies dealing with designing and construction of greenhouse complexes. It also produces technological equipment for greenhouses complexes and farms growing flowers and vegetables in greenhouses.The company profile:Designing"Turn-key" greenhouse constructionProduction lines for growing seedlings and pot plants on a basis of

  wholesale trade, production
  Stand: II M 135
Production company AgroFloraPak produces and markets a wide assortment of polymeric articles for vegetable and flower growing: cassettes for seedlings, technical pots, mini hotbeds, underpans for cassettes, etc.The geography of our deliveries is widening every year covering over 20 regions of our country from St. Petersburg to Sakhalin and foreign countries.Thanks to introduction in 2009 of a

  AgroPlus, Group of companies LLC
  wholesale trade, retail trade
  Stand: II L 164
"AgroPlus Group of Companies" Ltd. is a distributor of products of the following international companies: ICL (Israel), Atlantica Agricola (Spain), Gregoirе (France), Norsk Wax (Norway), Gripple (England), Mankar (Germany), Yara (Norway), Supertech (Denmark). We offer:Products for in- and outdoor plants nutrition, original stimulators, up-to-date mineral nutrition technology for

  AgroSemTsvet company
  wholesale trade
  Stand: I F 410
Distributor of Syngenta Flowers, the Netherlands;Official trade representative of Herku Plast, Germany, Producer of trays;Disinfectants for system disinfection of greenhouses, IGEBA;Distributor of "OOO Syngenta" of the vegetable seeds for greenhouses;Distributor of "OOO Syngenta" of the crop protection;Representative of Nursery Woerlein,

  Agroforma, Company
  wholesale trade, production
  Stand: II N 452
Since 2005 "Agroforma" has been engaged in delivery and wholesale trade in products for flowers and plants:Seedling pots and other plastic products (production)Landscape figuresCeramic flower pots and planters, zoopots from polystoneDecorative products for gardenProducts for florists and designers, baskets and other wickerworkArtificial flowersChristmas goodsThe assortment is constantly

  Agrokom Ltd
  wholesale trade, production
  Stand: II K 151
Production and marketing of seedling cassettes of over twenty dimension types, mini-cassettes for 1,4,6, 9 plants, and 0.19 – 0.52 l seedling pots.Biopreparations of "Vozrozhdeniye" series is a set of useful microorganisms extracted from soil by natural course. They proved efficient for wetting of seeds and growing of seedlings. Using these preparation you can at short notice

  Stand: I A 452
Agrolux Holland is the founder of horticultural light fixtures with electronic ballast. Agrolux sees, as a light fixture manufacturer, that light fixtures based on electronic ballast are the future. Agrolux is able to meet with all the demands from the market. The result is a multifunctional state of the art lighting fixture. The qualified fixture provides the highest amount of grow light against

  Agrotechnical supplies–2000, Ltd
  wholesale trade, retail trade, services, production
  Stand: II P 512
"Agrotechnical supplies–2000" (ATS b.v.) was founded in 1994 and supplies large assortment of equipment and materials for greenhouses.Main activities:Delivery and assembling "turn key" of modern glass and plastic greenhousesFull complex of equipment and materials; taking in consideration local conditions. Drip irrigation, misting and sprinkling systemsEnergy saving

  All for greenhouse, Ltd
  Stand: Заочное участие / Indirect participation
We deliver: metal constructions for greenhouses, technological equipment for all greenhouse systems, spare parts, consumable materialsFor heating systems: "Johnson Pum", "Grundfos" and "Wilo" pumps, "Honeywell" three- and four-way mixing valves, "Keystone" throttle and reverse vales, pipes, hoses, fittingDrip irrigation systems"Ridder"

  Stand: II P 451
"BONAR TF" offers a wide range of agrotextiles with different applications in the fields of horticulture, agriculture, landscaping. Our extensive range includes: Phormium Screens: a wide range of nergy-saving, shadowing, darkening, climateregulating screens for use under glass/outdoors. Phormium Groundcovers: an extensive range of products developed for various applications, from

  Beauty Technologies Ltd
  wholesale trade, retail trade
  Stand: II M 121
Vertical landscaping, equipment for territories improvement: tubs, flower pots, masts, constructions, frameworks, brackets"Scotts" long action fertilizers (Holland)"Terracotem" soil amendment (Belgium)Dosatron, "Dosmatic" mechanical dosing device (USA)Chemical protection means for cut flowersConsumables for protected ground (pruning shears, spare parts and components

  Stand: II Q 374
Equipment for sizing flower length and bud openness.Equipment for flower packaging.Bouquets making line.Foliage removers and bulb

  wholesale trade, services
  Stand: I D 142
Representation of the following companies:STEP Systems GmbH (Germany)Agrochemical and other measuring devices: pH and EC- meters, devices for soil analysis, meteorological stations, etc.REIMANN Emsdetten Spinnerei und Weberei GmbH (Germany)Capillary mats, covering and shading materials for greenhouses, special cloth and netting for gardening and floriculture.MAYER GmbH & Co. KG

  Stand: I E 221
Strong technology and high competence – For successful growth.We are a part of a powerful group in Germany and the Netherlands. Our task is to build turnkey production greenhouses of any size with all relevant components. Be it greenhouses, heating systems, internal transport systems, irrigation systems or climate control systems, all components are centrally planned and supervised according

  Danish Greenhouse Supply A/S
  Stand: I A 203
Danish Greenhouse Supply A/S, DGS, was founded in 1999 between the partners. Greenhouse constructors Viemose – DribogaEngineering company Rosager LarssenEbbe SmedegaardDGS is to day a well established company with main business in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia, concerning Greenhouse technology.DGS is an experienced and specialized company for the supply of machinery equipment and

  Darmena Co Ltd
  Stand: I E 224
"Darmena" Ltd. offers:Working out concepts of agribusiness developmentExpert evaluation of contemporary agro projectsAgro-technical consultingConsultation on selection of equipment and technologies for

  Deforche Construct NV
  Stand: I E 224
"DEFORCHE CONSTRUCT NV" deals with designing and construction of greenhouses, garden centers and trading complexes. The company was set up 75 years ago in Belgium.During this period the company has acquired a reputation for high competence and creative approach to every project.Only up-to-date and high quality materials are used. Structures of greenhouses and garden centers, tables for

  wholesale trade
  Stand: II K 452
Sprinkler and drip irrigation systems for greenhouses, open ground, cottage sites, municipal squaresSpare parts for existing irrigation systemsBlinds drawing and shading systemsPolypropylene containers Design and construction of greenhouses with polyethylene

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